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December 24, 2007, 1:58 am
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Hello guitar people. Backyard Guitars is, obviously, all about guitars (and the accompanying equipment like amps, tubes, cables, and noise making pedals). I thought about doing some bass business, but I don’t know much about that dark and mysterious world, so I figured I should stick with something I know. I’m not obsessed with vintage (whatever that is) gear, although it would be nice to have some of that old stuff, and I’m not all about the latest and greatest high-tech tom foolery. I appreciate innovation with an ear toward better tone, not just new for the sake of being new.

So I got some THD amps, because swapping tubes willy-nilly is innovative. I picked up Reverend guitars because they do New with the spirit of Old, or maybe the other way around. Whatever. High quality, low price, something different and better than the run of the mill—perfect fit. Pigtronix effects, same thing—new way of doing a good thing.

Most importantly to you probably is that I will give you the best price I can without messing around. I’ll most likely be able to beat anyone’s price, and if I can’t I’ll recommend you go for the better deal. Just give me a call to see some of the inventory I have in the shop. Hours are customizable, just try to be reasonable, like don’t call at 3am. 509–308–0845.